Frequently asked questions answered

- How effective is Driving Test Slot at getting the required slot:
We have been in business for 15 years and so far hasn't let anyone down, we are able to get difficult requests too at any driving test center.

- Can you find a slot then pay when you find it:
No, we work under strict pay first search after rules, we have been doing this for years which means we haven't let any down so far and if we did you have money back guarantee* to help you

- My theory is about to run out, when can I book practical:
If you theory is about to expires then we can still find something before it runs out

- I just failed my test, how long do I need to wait until I can book my next practical test:
10 working days counting from the day you failed your test, in searching practical terms means that we can book something straight after you failed but the soonest we can find you a slot will be 10 working days.

- I can see you have different prices, can I customise what I need:
Yes, just remember the general rules for prices is that the more flexible you are the cheaper it is to get you a slot and this will reflect in the pricing.

- What happens if my test gets cancelled due to bad weather, examiner sickness or strike:
Your test will get rebooked automatically by DVSA however if you require a different time and date to the one they gave you will have to reapply again with a possible benefit to give you discount under humanintarian reasons.

- I have booked for a test slot job and at the time I was busy but now I am more flexible, do I get money off:
No, once your job is booked and active even if you change your availability to fully flexible it won't make an impact on your price.

- What is stop legs:
It is basically your current sitting test date, place and time, depending on your settings this can hold so that stay where you want it.

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