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Welcome to DTS, the 100% fast effective results driving test slot finder in the UK. We specialise in finding test slot of your convenience in a very short space of time. Give us a try we have the leading industry experts and technology available. We will ensure your experience with us is hassle free and pleasant.

Value for money search service
reasons to choose us

Fast and effective, we haven't let anyone down

we are more effective than any notification APP
as we do the grabbing for you

Just failed your test is not a problem, we can
find your next test slot within days

You pick when and where your test is going to be

Get other late notice test notifications

Approve test slot transfers

We look after you all the way to your test day

Increase your chances by practising test center routes

Book on behalf of someone else e.g. son/daughter

We use your availaibility info to grab you a test slot

Shorter booking process when sending your picture license

You set the amount of notification required prior any booking made

We can communicate with you via Whatsapp
if preferable

If you live in London we can even help you finding an
instructor that can cover your test

We can double coordinate communications with you
and a third party such as your driving instructor

Different services and prices offered

Manage the searches as we go along, you can tell
us to stop searching because current date, place
and time suit you fine

Last minute or emergency test slots finding are
available using our preset slots

We have helped hundreds of people finding a test

You are our priority

When we don't deliver

Change your availability at any time

Preset slots: Is basically test slots that are already grabbed in our system and the only thing required is for you to pick the desired slot so we can transfer this to you, below is our current list available:

To grab any of these please mention it on our request form.

If presets are not available for your prefered test center(s) then we will need to find a test slot cancellation for you, most order completion and delivery happens within 24 hours therefore the price do reflects the level of difficulty in booking your test. For example booking a test with specific time, dates and place will be more difficult (but not impossible) to find than a test slot where time, date and place is flexible.

*Subject to availability and approval. Prices may change.

Order an earlier driving test slot

Starting at £12

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