Terms and conditions

Driving Test Slot is a fast finding booking service that uses technology features to help you run your busy stressful daily life as smooth as possible.


  1. Each job must be paid up front before it gets started.
  2. You will grant permission to Driving Test Slot to act your behalf when moving your test slot to your suitable dates for this we will need to collect some private information.
  3. It is your responsibility to give us accurate information as from this it will depend a successful slot search.
  4. We will consider the search status as complete when the test slot we find meets the criteria you have given us.
  5. It is your responsibility to notify us of any circumstances changes on time before we complete a search job.
  6. Any changes regarding your personal information and availability will be notified and/or updated in our system as soon as you know it.
  7. You will be responsible to turn up with the right documents on your test day of your test as well as having the tools for the test, e.g. an instructor car for the test
  8. Each job will have a last day to change or cancel for which you must be aware.
  9. Some jobs will be last minute booking for which is non refundable, generally speaking any test can't be changed if request is done under the one week period, you are also warned on your booking form and confirmation mail about the possibility to be booked at short notice which is non refundable
  10. When making yourself flexible on our system means that not matter when the test is you can go become available to go for this test
  11. Driving Test Slot will be managing your test dates and times on your behalf, we will keep changing the tests slots (we call this "stop legs") for which you will be notified every time there is a new date and if you want to keep this stop leg date then you will have to use the grab button or let us know to stop us searching for new dates, once you have grabbed the job it will show complete on our system which means that if you need further searching this will be a new job to us.
  12. If you have been locked out by DVLA or DVSA because of any reason, making phone calls on your behalf will make your job harder to us which means your job will be considered special and it will require further payment, in this case if you require a refund because you didn't know we will charge you administration charges.
  13. If you have been banned from driving because of dangerous driving then you are likely to have been asked by the judge to do two tests slots instead one, the only Driving Test Slot product that will suit you for this case is the months ahead product.
  14. We will notify you on any test dates changes from where we need a reliable email and a proper telephone/mobile number to keep you updated.
  15. Weekend test slots maybe not available for your ideal test center, if this happen we will explain you the options available according to your case.
  16. We will expect to be the only one dealing with your test slot changing management, you could invalidate your search order if you or a third party interference with the search, in this case you will be still be charged for the services provided.
  17. You are expected to keep a good communication by replying to any further enquiries we may have regarding your search job.
  18. If you have selected the incorrect product selection we will be getting back to you regarding this matter, until this is not corrected we won't be able to proceed with your search job.
  19. Once a slot has been found within your criteria or accepted by you, orders will still be considered as completed and finished even if your test gets cancelled beyond our control as a result of e.g. weather, driving instructor fault, car failure, examiner sickness/unavailable, lockdowns, local restrictions and other third party actions/errors.
  20. Apart from finding you an earlier driving slot, our service also includes other admin such as phone-calls, updating details, gathering/confirming information, notifications and warnings.
  21. We may need to cancel your test as a result of so many changes being done on your search, if the original booking test fee was paid by you then we will ask you how to proceed as we will need a current test booking in place in order to continue with the search.

Accepting jobs

  1. Once you placed an order, you are normally not be allowed to change your criteria given.
  2. It is solely your responsibility to allow us to be the only doing the search otherwise all fees apply and no refund allowed.

  3. Presets

    1. A preset price is not fixed as it is normally given to the highest bidder however this will be published, you will be notified if the slot can't be transferred to you and why.
    2. Once an order has been accepted you have 3-5 days to let us know your details otherwise a preset could be given to someone else and you will be charged admin fee

    Compassion grounds

    1. We might offer a discount your next test slot search in the following events, weather condition or examiner sickness cancellation


    1. All booking fees are fully refundable
    2. Full refund guarantee apply to orders cancelled within the first hour of order being done.
    3. All refunds has an administration charge of £15, £20 or £22 when lots of admin work has been done on your behalf.
    4. PayPal charges may still apply.
    5. Our fees relates to managing, test dates notifications and customer services, we will use your order history when working out a refund
    6. When giving out refunds we will itemise the efforts that have been put into your search and therefore make a calculation accordingly
    7. You can request for the search to be carried by yourself at anytime if the test booking was organised by us and you want this fee to be refunded we will ask you to cancel the test booking yourself first before we issue a refund, when doing this a print screen proof is required and acknowledge that refunds might take up to 5 working days before it clears on your side.
    8. Helping hands by you or a third party allowed but remember that you won't be able to claim everything or nothing at all depending on how much work we have done on your behalf.
    9. We refund using the original payment method if this can't be done because you have left it for too long to claim your money back and financial service who handled your payment removes the option to refund you we will issue a credit note


    1. Your private will be used solely for the purpose of finding you and earlier test slot.
    2. we will not use your information to pass it to a third party or for sales practices.

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