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Always wondered how is to know the actual driving test routes and wanted to know road by road and perhaps some general advice on each test route. Having all this information can be put on your hands which will help you to get the best practice with your instructor, friend or family on the actual real roads used by examiners on your test. This is why we bring you useful driving test centers area knowledge.

Each test center route we cover include these services:

This routes are very useful and our record shows that your chances of passing increses exponentially as a result. They are also good idea as you don't need to be a lesson to learn them as you can ask a friend or family member to take you around although when home you can also study the areas at the comfort of your own bed (laptop, Ipad or smart phone). One clear example of how useful some of our services can be is the high amount of candidates failing for simply not positioning on time after a early and clear direction given from the examiners while on the test.

Getting to know the area will help you build your confidence as it will help you anticipate and master a good planning e.g. following signs or GPS which is now included within your test format, we estimate that 90% of your confidence and chances of passing will come from extra preparation.

Another concern you maybe having is the introduction of the independent driving using GPS, this force all candidates to be GPS literate and test area expert. Although there is a few GPS gadgets and software around most of them will do the same principle which is to tell you with plenty of time what you need to do next in order to get to your destination. Visually you have to be compliant with what the screen is telling you and be able to work out distances which unfortunately you can only get this by practising.

According to latest official information there is a total of 392 driving test centers in the UK, this figure doesn't include the counting of driving test centers in Northern Irland. The amount of examiners working for a test center depends on the size of this places some which only employs 4 examiners and this is why getting an earlier driving test on this places may be proven difficult.

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