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About us

We have a 40 years of combined experience in the business so that you can relax and expect a sooner driving test slot with not issues. The way we communicate is our client is a win win situation for you the customer who seeks a sooner driving test slot and us the team behind you getting it.

The avarage waiting list for any test center is 2-4 months depending on the test you pick as some test center have very litte staff as we know! This is where we coming by proving you with a real soon test slot.

The industry professionals we employed such as ex-driving examiners can help you to provide a sooner emergency test slot.

Our commitment is to give you the best of the industry into one APP one APPLICATION that combines the best of communication and expertise on the matter and therefore getting your ideal test slot for your availability.

We are here to make your life easier and less stressful.